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Pioneer IPbus, XMDPIO100 question...

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  • Pioneer IPbus, XMDPIO100 question...

    alright guys, this is my first post so be gentle on me.

    I Currently have a Pioneer DEH-P7300 Head unit, and have a Pioneer IPbus 6 disk Changer.

    Now I am looking at buying the turk XMDPIO100 XM radio adaptor and universal XM tuner for my head unit.... But I am wondering

    1. can I still hook up bolth (like the Pioneer XM tuner can) using the turk adaptor and universal XM tuner.

    2. If not can I buy or make a Dual output IPbus Cable that will give me bolth.

    I would go take a look at the unit but unfortunatly they are not available in canada and I have to order them in form the US.

    if someone could help that would be great.

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    nevermind I just bought a GEX-P900XM