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Can't get the AUX to work on Pioneer DEH-P705 HU

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  • Can't get the AUX to work on Pioneer DEH-P705 HU

    I have no manual. I've searched this site and have tried to get AUX to come up on the faceplate screen. I'm running an Ipod with a homebrew connector that I found on this site. It has been working great for the last 6 months until I had to get some car maintenance. The battery had to be disconnected.

    I've tried to get to the menu by:
    1. pressing the function key with power off, waited over a minute-no menu.
    2.pressing the funtion key and source key simutaneously- nothing but an activation of the CD in the unit.
    3. pulled the fuse to the unit and rested it for 1 min, plugged it back in and tried the function key with power off- no menu.
    4. removed unit from dash and disconnected multi lead plug and let it rest and plugged it back in- tried the function button with key on and unit power off-no menu.

    All fuses that I can see are intact. I have not disconnected the battery yet to try to clear the unit out again.

    I had the Ipod connected and running during all of the tests.

    I feel there has to be a button combination to activate AUX. It worked before but I can't remember what made it happen. It seems like it automatically appeared during the hack installation.

    I must say this is a fascinating set of forums.

    Thanks for any help.

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    im not sure why its not working but i have a deh 6600 and this is how mine works. turn off the headunit.push source button until it turns off. once off press the function button hold it down until the menu comes up. press function until aux comes up. press the up arrow on the radio until it says AUX : on and than press the source button to turn the radio back on. once you press source it will switch through cd. radio and aux. good luck
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      Try the "A" button if you have it. Try to hold it down with the radio off.
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        Scoured the archives (took 3 days) found that if you hold the 7 button down and turn the ignition key it activates Aux. If you hold down the 8 button it turns off the MCD. Easy.