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2005 Prius carputer, nav, sat radio, system options?

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  • 2005 Prius carputer, nav, sat radio, system options?

    I opted out of the nav system from Toyota when I saw the Pioneer AVIC-N2 and AVIC-D1, but then the installers backed off saying they were concerned about screwing up the integrated electronics in the car and would only do an isolated system.

    Now it seems like what I really want is a carputer with a full XP OS so I can add anything I want (looking at the Via 13000). That leaves an in dash touch screen to find and a certified installer to do it. I think it would be fun to say I'm WRC (working from car). I am looking for these features:
    Nav with traffic info superimposed, audio directions read to me
    Sat Radio
    Play MP3s on DVDs
    Indash ejecting touchscreen so I can hide it so as not to attract attention

    There really doesn't seem to be much in the way of people moding their Priuses.

    Any info you can provide is much appreciated!

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    eek! a 2nd gen prius?!

    that looks to be a pain in the ***. my buddy had one for a rental, nice car, but the second I saw it I thought how a pc might be integrated. It would probably have to be an entirely custom job including modifying the existing screen and hacking up the dash for a touchscreen overlay. It will be tough but good luck. I hope you make some progress, that thing scares me


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      Well Prius's already have a small accesory 12v battery in the trunk. It is automatically recharged by the high voltage battery so you already have a tank circuit set up. So powering it would be normal. The screen is the tricky part. I would think the easiest method would just be to buy a seperate lilliput/xenarc and put that somewhere else on the dash (removable maybe?) and leave the stock screen alone. Of course you can get aux audio or video options from but if you use the stock screen you're not gonna get vga input or be able to use the touchscreen function.


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        Thanks for the info guys! That site is the best one I have seen so far for Prius mods.

        I went to a high end install place where the millionaires go. They make custom replacement panels and boast that they never drill a hole in your car. I saw some pretty bad *** cars and installations. Minimum $6500 for me though. Since I'm not planning on spending that much, I guess I will look in to getting the stock nav system for my car now...