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  • Carpc with laptop

    I have been wanting to do this carputer on my maxima for a LONG time, mostly because i have everything i need im just missing a screen.

    I was thinking however, would it be easier to use a laptop instead of a PC as a carputer? and just place it under the front seat? Im assuming all im gona really need to do this is a touch screen and power invertor, but what do i do to connect the souncard on the laptop to my car speakers? any tips? I mean im sure i can figure it out on my own, but is there anything special you can buy to make the whole process easier? or maybe something i can buy that could increase the quality of the sound output?

    Im really hesitant to do this because im thinking the sterio is gona suck (quality wise) compared to the bose setup i have in there now....

    I want to do this with as little sound quality loss as possible..

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    so much to learn... so much searching & research & learning to do... A laptop can make a great install but is not necissarily easier, although it can be depending on what level of install is acceptable to you... as far as sound quality there is no doubt that it can be done to sound as good as it does now, that's not really a problem....

    are you planning on ripping the bose out & replacing or just adding to it?
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      the laptop can be easy to setup if you just plan on using an inverter.

      You can very easily build a mini-itx based computer that will fit under your seat though also.

      Depending on your system setup, you can run 1/8" jack to RCA cable converters from the laptop to your amp or buy a special converter that plugs into an auxilliary/CD input on your headunit. For better quality sound you'd want to buy an external USB soundcard and run the cables from that.

      A lot of people have used their laptops for this type of project...there should be a lot of info available. Good luck!