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Why carputer reboots after 20 minutes

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  • Why carputer reboots after 20 minutes

    Hi everyone,

    I just installed a carputer in my Nissan Armada. I have been running into a problem where the carputer either reboots itself, or freezes. this problem can occur anywhere between 3 - 20 minutes of use.

    Has anyone else had this problem? if so any ideas on a solution.

    Please help, i'm dying to get this working correctly.


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    Here are some specs on my carputer.

    7" liliput touchscreen (on dash)
    7" Audiobahn monitor (overhead console)
    VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard
    sony dvd rom drive
    gps unit
    wireless mouse
    160 GB western digital hard drive.

    carputer is located under my front passenger seat. I primarily use it to display music videos through Frodo player.


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      That's a tough one.
      What PSU are you using?
      Maybe try to duplicate it by taping on the PC, or maybe run it in the house on a 120V PSU. (If you can move it easily)
      Maybe some more info? Did you test it in the house and it was fine, or did you "build" it in the car and this is the first time you're running it?, E-Cig Mods
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        I did test it at home, and had no problems. I'm using and opus power supply. I live in michigan, and the past couple weeks have been extremely hot. I'm thinking it may be an overheating issue, but wanted to ask the experts on this site.

        Any feedback would help


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          I live down in New Orleans and in the summer I cannot run my computer because of the heat. Mine does similar things...just rebooting. Try it at night when it is cooler and see if that helps. Good luck.
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            I have mine in the trunk, had (at one time) only a CPU fan, didn't have problems with heat. (was very hot out...90's)
            Does yours then, only do this when hot?
            Can you bring it back in the house and test it? Did u test it in the house with the Opus or a different PSU?

            Oh yeah, I guess I better quit responding...I'm no expert
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              Hey fellow detroiter....

              Sounds like a heating thing, which is interesting because the guys on here from Phoenix say it shouldn't be a problem. I'm assuming you're running with the Air Conditioning on? What power supply did you test it on in the house? Was it a lot more powerful?

              160 GB HD huh? Is that a standard desktop drive? Are you playing videos when it dies? That may stress the heating part of it...are you running any fans? Also, could the HD be taking a hit with any bounces or anything?

              Does the Via come with a GUI interface to the MoBo so you can see what temperatures its running at? I know you can access this through the BIOS.

              I realize this was full of more questions than answers...what can you say?


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                heat. 99% guaranteed that random reboots and freezes are heat-related. what kind of temps are you getting on that thing?


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                  Thanks guys for your prompt responses.

                  The 160GB hard drive is a desktop drive. Currently there is one fan that is extracting heat. I am only running the computer with the Air Conditioner on. Usually i'm playing music videos when the computer dies. but lately it dies before i can get frodo player started. I suppose the HD could be bouncing around, but it is extremely tight in the case so I highly doubt it.

                  Yesterday i started encountering a new problem. My computer would boot, then all of a sudden my front moniter would display a message NO VGA INPUT. I double checked to make sure all the wiring connected and it was. I don't know what's causing that issue.

                  how can i check in the bios the temperature of the pc? Also I was thinking of going to MicroCenter to have them do an overall inspection of my carputer, do you guys think this is a good idea. I'm not trying to waste money, but i figure they can get this thing working at 100% faster than i could.

                  NeckPayne have you been experiencing any issues w/ your carputer in these detroit temperatures?


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                    1. Take it out of the car and bring it into the house. This includes the Opus. Run it and see if the problem occurs. If not, then your computer is okay, it's just an issue of either heat or power.

                    2. It is unlikely to be power since you are using an Opus 150 unless your PC is pushing right up against the limits of the power supply.

                    3. Use "motherboard monitor" or speed fan as the software to monitor the temps.

                    4. If you have connections that are crimped or not soldered, solder them. If you are using spade lugs or crimp connectors, make sure that your wires are soldered to the connectors.

                    5. If your power and ground connections are a little shaky, take the hour or two you need to reroute, rerun, or otherwise make them solid.

                    6. Try running the computer with the case open and the disk drive out of the case or at least very well ventilated. Use the monitoring software I mention below to figure the temperatures out in all configurations. Write them down so you can compare them.

                    Work on trying to isolate the variables of heat and power one at a time. Logging your temps and voltages using MBM or speed fan will help you figure out what is happening.

                    Our Microcenter is a high volume operation and I wouldn't ask them for advice about anything other than a "normal" computer. I'd use them as a last resort.
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                      Very nicely put old boy


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                        Originally posted by bcholagh
                        NeckPayne have you been experiencing any issues w/ your carputer in these detroit temperatures?
                        No....I'm not even up and running yet. I just like to post as though I am

                        Originally posted by bugbyte
                        2. It is unlikely to be power since you are using an Opus 150 unless your PC is pushing right up against the limits of the power supply.
                        I'm not sure he ever said he was using the 150, just that he was using an Opus. If it was the 90 and he's powering more than 1 monitor off of it...

                        Accessing the temperatures through the bios at boot up is described in the manual, but using MBM or SpeedFan like bugbyte said will help you "in the heat of the moment." sorry, had to.


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                          I ran diagnostics on my PC and found that my RAM stick was fried. So i'm going to replace it, and see if that changes anything. I'll let you all know.

                          thanks for your help


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                            I forgot to mention the Power Supply that i'm using is the Opus 120W DC-DC
                            Do you think this isn't a strong enough power supply to power the above components?