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Newbie starting in on system for Porsche, need help

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  • Newbie starting in on system for Porsche, need help

    I just got a 2004 Carrera 4S. It doesn't have navigation and I don't want an aftermarket navigation box sitting on the dash. I also like the other things that I could do with a computer in the car.

    I've been reading this site for about 2 weeks and I think I'm finally ready to get some input.

    I looked at having a carputer made and I could spend $1500 easily through I don't want to throw down that kind of jack for something that I'm not all that sure about. I'm wondering how much I'll really like the navigation system and the other features. I'm asking myself: Will it really be that easy to use, etc. So I conclude that I don't want to jump into something that big.

    I decided that I'd just put a port replicator in my front trunk and connect my Dell Laptop there as a trial to see how I'd like it.

    In this photo, my laptop is just sitting there for sizing:

    then, I figured I'd hook it to a DWW-700M:
    putting the monitor in the top slot of my dash and moving the stereo down where the CD holders are. The A/C controller would be moved down one slot also:

    I'd hook the laptop up to a car power adapter and I'm in business.

    Of course, I'd need to get some GPS software and a GPS device.

    Does anyone have any input or ideas?

    How bad is the laptop idea vs. a full "carputer"?

    p.s. Here is a photo of the car, if you're interested:

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    From what i've heard, those in-dash lcd's are really bad, even the expensive Alpine ones. If you have the time and money (which, judging by your car, you do ,) get it done professionally by a body shop.

    you dont want to ruin your nice porsche with a crappy dash install


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      I understand that there will be a little more to it:

      like wiring it for power, I figure I'd use the car adapter that Dell makes for their laptops. Then I've got to hook it to the stereo, which is going to be a pain because of the MOST bus audio system in this car.

      I understand that turning the laptop on will be challenging, and I'll plan on reading the posts in this site about that.

      Any other input?

      Is that 700M screen really that bad?

      I don't want to cut up my dash that bad. For resale of this car, i'm looking for something that I can just remove relatively easily. That's why I wanted to go with the 700M.


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        Welcome aboard, great looking car

        Your test is a good idea.

        How are you going to test the audio? What are you plans for the sound? This should be a part of the test as well.

        Carputing is a hobby, basically a merge of computers, audio, some electronics and programming/scripting. Being a hobby and not mainstream you will have to expect tweaking, troubleshooting, fixing and createing and learning if you do this yourself.

        If you are looking to install a carputer and then have it work flawlessly like a car radio, this will not be for you. If however you enjoy a challenge and are willing to learn a carputer is a fun piece of equipment that can make driving a truely unique experience.

        I have an indash unit, love it. It is not the 700M(stay away from the 700M for now) but a 7" lilliput screen installed into an indash housing, which automatically flips out and closes. I did have to send it back for repair, but it was due to shipping damage.

        It takes me 1 minute to uninstall it and my dash is original. Fabrication was not an option for me either, did not want it to take up 2 dins, and while an in-dash unit does not look "factory" a lot of bondo dash jobs looks worse in my opinion. Some look great however.

        The one thing that I can not stress enough, if you go ahead with it, make sure you can access as many parts as possible locally. Research warranties, return policies, etc. Stay away from Ebay if you can.

        Once it is finished it is pretty much solid as a rock, but it takes time to get there and you will probably change what direction you will go several times.

        As for ease of use, yep its easy because you have to understand how the front end works.
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          I based my carputer on a Dell laptop. I would recommend using a powers supply rather than an adapter. For my older inspiron I found that most adapters do not charge the batteries. You may have better luck if your processor is less power hungry (i.e. Pentium M). The CNX-P1900 power supply puts out the 20V needed for my laptop and acts as a safeguard against draining the battery.

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