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Installation with 7" Touchscreen and Vaio Laptop

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  • Installation with 7" Touchscreen and Vaio Laptop

    Hi ! I'm ready to do an installation in my Smart ForTwo car. I have a M400 touchscreen wich is powered with a cigarette-lighter cord and a Sony Vaio TR2MP wich is powered with the original 220V power adapter.
    I want to use a 300W power inverter for my installation. What should I do :

    - Use a 1 male cigarette-lighter to 2 female c-l adapter and put my power inverter in one hole and the screen plug in the other hole ?
    - Or is it possible to put both devices in the power-inverter plug ?
    -Or (and after this I stop ) Is it better to buy a dc adapter with a cigarette-lighter especially made for my Vaio (or compatible) and plug both devices into the cigarette-lighter plug of my car ?

    Thanks for enlightening me, I'm a little lost here and I don't want to set my car and my devices on fire...

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    You could plug AC adapters for both into the inverter, however the most efficient way is to use DC-DC plugs whenever possible. Im currently using a cigarette lighter splitter, one going to my monitor and one to an inverter for my laptop. Works fine.
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      Thanks ! I think I'm gonna use a splitter and a DC-DC adapter for my notebook. Now I hope my car battery could handle this. Judging the size of my car, the battery shouldn't be very big !!


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        220v? ouch. good luck with that.
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