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Connecting laptop to touch screen

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  • Connecting laptop to touch screen

    Hey guys I was just unsure looking in the forums on what is needed to connect a laptop to a touch screen lcd display. Im thinking about getting a laptop and an lcd instead of a desktop. And also Im going to be connecting it to a JBL amp and some subs.Soo what components does the laptop need to have to be able to connect it to a touch screen lcd and the sound system?

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    Do some searching.


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      Yes I did i am just unsure. For the touch screen I think it needs to have VGA out and usb. Unsure for the sound. I dont know if any laptop will provide good sound.


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        Depends on the laptop. Search "audigy" if you think your sound is insufficient.
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          The FAQ forum is your friend.

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            well the sound doesn't have anything to do with the touchscreen... if this is your concern, you may want to change your title ? For the touchscreen you'll only need the vga and usb hooked up to the laptop.. and the touchscreen driivers installed in the laptop.
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              OOK thanks guys, I have figured it all out. Im just gonna find a laptop with line out. And then im gonna mold in a touchscreen to my dash..