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Using Carputer for Nav in front and DVD in rear of car..

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  • Using Carputer for Nav in front and DVD in rear of car..

    I have a little Cappiccunio computer, it has VGA and RCA output..
    I want to be able to use the Navagtion in the front on the touch screen but send a movie to the back head rest screens..

    IS this possible, when I am playing a DVD it is at 75% of processor used..

    I know how to send video from a laptop the the external monitor but can not see to be able to with this little computer, seems I can use the VGA or RCA but not both or both at same time..

    Also, if anyone has to ask WHY a Cappuccino and not a custom built one... The main reason no on likes this one is because of the price and I got it for FREE!!!!!!
    A customer left it here 6 months ago so I am going to use it..
    Currently it is Celeron 1.2 256 20GB DVD
    I am going to upgrade the hard drive ram and add a slot loading DVD-RW

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    The heck is a Cappuccino?!

    It really depends on the video drivers you can use. You can do something like that if it has an ATI chip in, but i'm going to guess it's something like an Intel on-board. You'd need to be able to 'extend' the desktop onto both outputs in the display properties.


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      Originally posted by Jahntassa
      The heck is a Cappuccino?!
      Renault Megane...the OEM look

      The Lost in Europe Ford Escort


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