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  • Where to Install the monitor

    Well I am 15 and I just finished rebuilding a 77 Chevy Nova and I want to put a computer w/ an 8'' touch screen monitor in my car for music, war driving, GPS, ect. So my main question is, where should I put it, I dont want to drill or put any adhesive on the dash that would later ruine the interior when I remove it. I also want it in an easily accessable place to view and use. I was thinking of putting it right in the middle above the tranny hump thing.

    Heres my car...

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    Fashion a bracket out of sheet metal and attach it between the new headunit hanging under the dash and the underside of the dash. Bend it up in an 'L' shape in front of the old radio in the dash and mount the screen over top of it.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      Get something like this hack it up and put the screen down under the dash in it

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        the problem with a floor mount is glare, unless you angle it down... think of the screen as a mirror and try to look at a dark surface and not back at you or at the windows...
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          i'd say get a new car!


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            wow, thats a tough dash to work with for two reasons. one, you don't want to make permanent mods to it. two, the layout isn't very condusive to a touchscreen.

            but there are a few possibilities I can think of..

            you can get rid of that radio and mount a flip-out touchscreen slightly to the right of where it sits right now and try to angle it upward a little

            or if you want to keep that radio you could have a flip-out touchscreen directly to the right of the radio, looks like that won't affect use of anything

            or if you are willing to do something radical... put it in your door or roof.


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              Also, maybe do something with the sunvisor like this guy:



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                Originally posted by 786mine
                i'd say get a new car!
                And this is coming out of the mouth of someone who owns a 98 civic ex.


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                  well first off... good job on the rebuild and im jealous beyond words.
                  now that outta the way

                  i would fab a center console type partition for the screen and everything or anything else you could put in there. the bench seats look like they could use some help, a thought would be to remove them and replace them with a pair of bucket seats and then you could fab a crazy center console out of MDF board.... the limits are endless.

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                  scroll ball
                  secret compartments for secret items *wink wink*
                  disk drive
                  memory card reader
                  usb hub
                  disc holder
                  a revamped HVAC system
                  neon lights
                  pilot lights
                  DDR pad? jk
                  im mean you could custom it to however you want
                  the thoughts are just mind blowing

                  well i wish you best of luck
                  let me know if you need some ideas