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Newbie query: heat generation

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  • Newbie query: heat generation

    Hi guys

    I am planning to install a carputer in my 03 Celica GTS to run a mp3 player and nav system for the time being and plan to add other stuff later as and when required. I plan to get an old ibook hooked up. My question is about the ability of a laptop / desktop to take the crazy temperatures that are reached inside the car after being parked in the sun for the whole day (the parking lot at my work place has no shade). Will a laptop or even a desktop survive this kind of heat and conversely cold in the winter? I can hardly rest my bare hands on the steering wheel becuase it is either too hot or too cold the end of the day! Will the carputer take it?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    there are members worldwide, in all kinds of climates using pcs and laptops in their cars, and have been doing so for quite a few years. search the forum using keywords relating to heat and cold issues/problems

    i can only speak for myself, but i have had no heat or cold-related problems in ny. the pc has been installed since nov, so it's been exposed to the winter as well as the hot nasty humid summer, and all is good so far.
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      I can only agree with him. I've had a laptop installed in a nearly sealed box during the summer, and its run without problem for several hours at a time. It shut down once, and I don't even think it was heat related (but thats the only thing that I could think of...) Cold is the same. For the winter I am in Erie, PA and we get several snow storms a week. The laptop and hard drive seem to make enough heat themselves to be happy.
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