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    I do both computers and car audio. But till now never thought of putting them together.

    I always thought I knew how the pre outs and amps worked and from what I thought you couldn't use just anything to run the unless maybe you used the high level inputs. Just to get this straight I have a whole bunch of Qs..

    What is coming out of the pre outs that runs the amp? as in whatís the tech. info. I know when I plug the amp in to a headphone jack of a laptop it sounds like ***** vs. the head unit. Whatís comparable to the pre amp of the head unit, like in home audio to give me an idea.

    What is needed in a way of a pci card to do the same as a preamp of a head

    Iím looking to use a computer and forget the head unit all together. This is something that I will be installing in three different cars. One of them I want to use a laptop.. Q is, what is the best PCMCIA card to use that will best run amps?

    Thanks for any help on this. I didn't know of a way to word this to search it out so if it was talked about, Im sorry. Like to say this is a bad *** site. It really put me over the edge to get a computer in every car I have.

    Im looking at the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS for the laptop. I have two santa cruz sound cards if there any good.

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    Many of these questions are answered on the forum....but from what I understand...

    ">" does mean "greater than"

    Output from HU > Line-out/Speaker-out from SoundCard > Headphone out

    Depending on how you look at it, there is line level and speaker level. Speaker level is greater than line level because its actually powering speakers and not just transmitting info. Certain OEM HU/AMP pairs (e.g. Monsoon) use levels somewhere in the middle. Headphones require significantly less power than regular speakers so the signal coming out of a headphone jack is not the same as speaker level from a HU.

    There are "pre-amps" built specifically to do what you want them to here, amp the output to a speaker level output that the amp will take. Different amps however can handle the lower level output of the soundcards and lots of people haven't had problems with it.

    Check the faq emporium.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks, I found all I need to know. On the fourms.