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  • newbie questions from australia

    G'day just browsing the net and found this cool place
    any way, i have a mazda 2 neo hatch
    and I was going to do something with it for the cd player, but the way
    they built the cd player is kinda wierd
    my cd player

    now ontop of my dash is like a little lid thingy where u can put stuff in
    I thought of putting a monitor in there that could maybe be on hinges so u can close the lid and hide the monitor when parked ?
    now with the carpc how big are they, would they be able to go in the glove box ie the comparment in the passenger side of the dash? or better under the seat?
    also with touch screen monitors do u still need a keyboard? ps is it possible to
    use the sound the factory cd player? ie volume, so i can still use the fm radio?
    ive probably got more q's but thatd do for now

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    If the screen physically fits in the lid on top of your dash you can put it there. How to mount it, is something that is up to your imagination. (browse around the "Show your project" forum a bit to get some idea's.)

    Most people use systems based on Via Epia Motherboards, these are socalled Mini-ITX motherboards, they measure 17x17cm and have most things onboard. (video, lan, audio, usb2 etc.) There also are Nano-ITX boards, 12x12cm, but be prepared to pay alot for those since they're quite expensive. You can also use a normal desktop PC, but keep in mind that a desktop system consumes more power.

    A keyboard is not required, but this is depending on the software you are going to use. Most frontends use on screen keyboards, but it's still handy to have a normal keyboard in the car.

    You can use the factory car stereo. There are 2 ways to to connect your pc to the stereo:
    1. Using the Aux in line of the car stereo. (alot of older stereo's do not have this option though.)
    2. Using a FM-Modulator. You place this between the antenna and the antenna-in on your stereo. You can select a frequency to broadcast on and tune to that frequency on the radio to hear the sounds from your pc.

    Hope that helps.


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      Maybe you can use a roofmount monitor, turn it upside-down, and use software to rotate the screen?, E-Cig Mods
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        thanks guys ,Meelobee, that 17x17 , is that the width and length of the actual compleate unit?


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          The size of the mobo. (without the case)


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            whats the size all compleate?


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              seriously , the size will be determined by what you put the board in !!
              how are you going to power it? is the power suply going in the same box as the mobo??

              the simplest for you would be a laptop and a cigarette lighter adaptor...

              i used a lamington tin that was big enough for the mother board,hdd,ram,heatsink. i used a seperate box for the psu... all shoved under the passenger seat...

              you need to think more about what you want and where it can be put...
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                Originally posted by mrmiloman
                whats the size all compleate?
                I use an Ampie case, which is 210(W)x254(L)x56(H)mm Inside are a Via Motherboard, a 60Gb 2,5" Harddisk and a M1-ATX DC-DC PSU.

                Do some reading on the forums to get some idea's on what is possible. The only limit is your imagination and $$


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                  Originally posted by Meelobee
                  .... The only limit is your imagination and $$
                  i disagree, the only limit is your budget
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