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yet another quest for gps navigation software

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  • yet another quest for gps navigation software

    As I might not be the only one I though I drop a few lines about my indecidive quest for installing GPS navigation software . I read lots of threads here, leaving me with even more questions afterwards each time...

    I was at the point of buying Alturion 6 but then read some bad reviews about it (8 min to calculate a route??). They support TMC though...

    I don't want the hassle of hacking Destinator 3 dll's and stuff.

    Mappoint (Autoroute 2005) seems ok also, although no voice right and TMC?? If it had voice I might think about buying, cause it integrates with RoadRunner.

    At the moment I'm looking at Copilot Live for Laptop. Unfortunatly they only seem to cover US and Canada, not Europe in version 8. Although there is version 7 available for Europe, so I might consider buying that one. Unless I could use version 8 with European detailed maps. Anyone using Copilot in Europe (Belgium)? How detailed are the maps for europe of version 7 or 8 (housenumber level?) Is there a TMC option? Can I change the voices?

    The german shop cartft list also a few. Travelbook and Falk. Anyone any experience with those?? I believe they are all in german, can this be changed??

    Other suggestions welcome though. I need at least these features: voice guidance, detailed maps of Belgium (europe), the possibility to add POI's (speed camera's) and preferably TMC...

    [EDIT]: I just read some stuff about freedrive. Correct me if I missed something here. I can buy Destinator 3.1 for pocket PC, install Freedrive, copy the maps and some dll from the destinator cd and it'll run? Or do I need to get a special version of the dll from the Destinator guys (which licencing ends now in august right?) Do I need to buy additional stuff, like the sdk or is it included in the freedrive install?
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    I was unhappy with how Copilot worked/looked while using the 7-inch Xenarc screen. I ended up succumbed to the massive support for iGuidance on this forum.
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      i use iguidance.

      i've only tried MS streets and trips AND iguidance.

      that's my only comparison
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        Use and love CoPilot 7!


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          You read the comparison posted in the FAQ Emporium, right? If you did, what didn't it answer for you? I'd like to add to it if necessary.
          Originally posted by ghettocruzer
          I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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            Yep read the comparison (twice now ). My questions about Freedrive are still open though.
            (Yes I searched for freedrive... ) But I still want to know if I can go to a shop, buy Destinator 3 Pocket PC version, install freedrive and of we go. I can't seem to find info on whether or not I actually need to buy the SDK or if it is included within the freedrive install. Also after all this is sorted out, do I still need this special dll version which will not expire after august?
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              I Beleive you still need a "special" dll .. but it's really not that hard to get ..

              destinator is great as a software, especially for europe (so I hear) in the US the routing is goofy .. it doesn't know how to "reduce turns" ..

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                D3 routing in the UK can be goofy too. It doesn't know some one way streets and no right turns etc...

                It also doesn't know the house numbers on some roads...
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                  Infomap Navigator has european maps but I can only comment on the ones for the UK - it works well for me, not perfect but it from what I hear about D3, it sounds miles ahead of it, might be worth a look?

                  Also you might want to check about ongoing TMC data with alturion, i think support is somewhere between patchy to non existant ongoing.


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                    Indeed Infomap Navigator looks interesting !! They also have ocx-kit for developers and carpc screen (although not much detail is given in their screenshot)
                    Morex 3688 (Via MII10000 - 512Mb - 2,5HD 30Gb DVD+RW)
                    CarTFT Motorized 7" In-dash Touchscreen
                    CNX 1260
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                      Download Freedrive and try it out. It comes with the last free version of the needed DLL. I just started using it and I love it so far - much much better than Routis that I was using before. Read the Freedrive forum and I'll bet you'll find that it meets your needs (aside from TMC)