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Project-Start on VOLVO S80 D5 2002

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  • Project-Start on VOLVO S80 D5 2002

    Hi Guys!

    First of all I think that this is a great community and this is why I have chosen this site to post my topic . Please excuse my bad english since it is not my first language.

    I want to install a Car Pc in my Vehicle. I like the features this little computer thingy can bring to your car. The only feature i dont need and don't want is Navigation. I have an OEM Navigation System and I'am very satisfied with it, since it has all i expect from a NavSystem (TMC,6,5" 16:9 TFT Monitor,DVD based not CD).

    I have a few problems before I can even start thinking about starting the project. The problems are as follows:

    1) Where do i put the TFT for the Computer. The S80 is no small car , but I don't know where to place it. I need an "extra" TFT additionally to my OEM Navigation TFT because of the fact that there is no way to put an external video signal into the screen. There is a Wiring Kit on the market, but it only fits the NAV Systems based on CD which are older. (Picture of Interieur attached, not mine actually).

    2) I have the HU-601 OEM Radio which has no AUX-In. I dont know a way to connect the pc to the Radio so i can hear the sweet sound. I saw a FM DIGITAL STEREO MODULATOR but i dont know how the quality is with that thing. I don't want an Aftermarket Radio, I want to keep my OEM Radio. I want to keep my OEM Radio because of the fact that it looks better with OEM and I dont know where the Navigation System is getting its informations from (Speed Information, the Traffic Information....).

    I want to do a nice and clean install so please help me a bit.

    This is the Tuning todo list on my S80:
    - Install Car PC with TFT in Front and one on the roof in the back
    - Install Chip from BSR ( From 177 Hp/426 Nm to 197 Hp/470 Nm
    -Get Heico Sportiv 18 Zoll Rims
    -Get Heico Sportiv lowering suspension
    -Paint the Chrome Grille to Black (to look like the 2004+ S80's) or install a new 2005 Grille
    -Get Heico Sportiv Double Exhaust Sound of Original D5 engine Sound of D5 engine with sport double exhaust
    I don't like that choppy "diesel-like" sound of the engine when its idle. But believe me the five cylinder sound of this powerfull engine when you drive it is great.

    Thanks in advance

    PS: The second photo from the interieur is not mine and is not from S80. But it shows you where the OEM screen is.
    The first photo is my car (shot on a volvo meeting, i have no digicam myself).
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    I have installed a computer in my 2004 S80 2.5T AWD.

    A couple of things:

    1. Computer position
    I have put my computer in the glove compartment (I use a VIA EPIA MII1000 motherboard with a standard 3.5" 160GB hard drive). It totally fills the glove compartment, but you can run wires from it to the central console.

    2. Screen position. I have used Proclip USA clips to fix the monitor. This does a really clean install without having to break anything.

    3. Getting sound from the PC to the radio. There you are out of luck. There are devices that does that (I use the SPECUSA VOL-11 - designe with iPod in mind but giving an external Aux connector too) by connecting directly in the CD changer port behind the radio, but it is not compatible with volvo navigation. I think you're stuck with either and FM emitter (that uses the airwaves to broadcast on a specific channel) or a wired FM modulator (that put itself between the antenna and the radio, and emit on a specific channel - you will need special antenna adaptors). The wired ones are better than the airwaves ones. DO NOT USE CHEAP STUFF FOR THIS. This will be the weakest point of you whole system. The best source of information for this all of is this board: Swedespeed tech forums

    My car is presently in the repair shop (a kid crashed in it a couple of weeks ago - 10K$ of dammages - a brand new car !! (*&%(*%(*%) and I do not have pictures of the glove compartment, but I have posted this description of my installation in another thread .

    Any question you have, I'm here ;-)



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      Thanks for the quick response. Yeah I have another question. Is there a way to "upgrade" my OEM RADIO. When i play music (with plenty of bass, or loud) there are cracking, and clicking sound and the sound seems to get "unclear" how can i fix that.

      Second question is how good the quality is with the FM thingys.

      Thanks in Advance


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        Upgrading your radio will be an issue, as you'll need to replace it with another Volvo radio (probably an HU-801 as I have - GREAT radio BTW) if you want to keep the Navigation active. The community on swedespeed forums may be able to help you with that, or give you other solutions.

        As for the quality of the FM modulators, your milleage may vary. I've bougth 3 different airwaves one, and one wired one, and was not happy with either of them. This being said, I gave one airwaves one to a friend of mine, and is quite happy with it ...



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          But the HU-803 has the Dolby Surround system running, has'nt it?
          Would it run with my Boxes and the wires, or has the wires to be changed?
          And how much costs a Hu-803?

          And that USA SPEC SMART INTERFACE seems not working with gps navigation system radios. It says "Not compatible with Volvo GPS Navigation* radios or Video equipped Vehicles" on the site



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            By the way. You know that, in the case you dont have a OEM Navigation system, that you can use the "hole" for the OEM Navsystem above the ventilation system. You dont have to mount it there where you have it now?!
            I will have to mount it there since I have the OEM nav.



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              hi, first thing: u have a great car, got s60 d5 myself. head over to for a good d5 site. ( i am s singh on there)

              2nd: i believe what you want is imiv, that would sort out your audio and video problem. this will add video to your oem screen and audio to your HU.

              3rd: this wont add touchscreen, but as you know the screen is too far away for it anyway. you could use something like a 3d space navigator to move around the screen.

              4th: this would make the car look completely original and not spoil the interior at all, (not saying that ne1 has). i have actually taken out the two vents above the head unit for my 7" motorised touchscreen and put a slim line dvd in the original head unit, but am running into probs with usb cables and the pc placment, Thanks andrel for idea regarding glove install, (sorry for thread hijack, but is there any issue wil heat when the pc is in the glove box?)

              5th: With regards to changing the Hu 601 to a HU 803 or 850, it will require a fair bit of work, as you have stated the hu 803 and 850 have dolby surround sound, these head units only have an amp for the centre speaker built into the radio. the rest of the speakers (fronts and rears) are powered from an external amp (normally under the drivers seat). but i am not 100% sure that the hu601 does not have an external amp, you will have to check that.

              hope that helps and good luck with the install.


              i should have really looked at the date of post, instead of reviving a 3 year old theard. lol