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  • Qs for all you Kiwis!!


    I have been looking at getting a car pc as something different for audio install. In doing this i intend to get as many parts locally as i can to save on postage costs etc...

    Sooo.... i have been unable to find DC-DC regulators from places such as jaycar. Any clues where i could source these from in NZ?

    I could get an invertor which would solve that prob no worries (all though i am concerned about possible induced noise in my sq comp car). The next prob then would be a power controller that would take the 240volts we have over here. Is this likely to be able to be sourced through a computer shop? or is this a specialty item? Are the ones on here configurable for higher voltages?

    Any ideas on what nz members have done to tackle the power side of things over here would be great?


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    If its only for a dc-dc power supply, I suggest you buy it online (I dont think stores sell these). You can ask your local stores to try and order them, but Im sure it would cost you less to buy online(postage included).