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    I've searched extensively on this, but I haven't had too much luck (aside from the odd PDA usage). I'm looking to build my first car pc, but I'm trying to build one that will work year round, despite -25C days not being infrequent during the winter. I've also had a fair bit of gear stolen, so I'd like to build something that is covert or removable.

    The ideal situation is to have a removable device, so when I enter the car, it's already warm. I'm looking for something that contains both basic storage (I could use flash for this) to illeviate the need for a HDD, and also a screen (doesn't need to be a touchscreen). If I can only find a quick and easily removable screen, that'll be good enough for this project.

    I was hoping to use a MSI Mega View 561 (, as I can source one cheap for less than $400 CAD, and it acts as a USB 2.0 HDD, but although it has AV inputs, it appears that these are only for recording, and you can't use them in "live" mode. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

    I've considered using the PSone screen or an alternate, but I figured I'd post here first to see what other's have found.


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    Archos MP3 players act as both an MP3 player as well as a portable USB 2.0 Hard drive that actually keeps a file/folder structure and does not require any drivers (recognised by windows as a USB Mass storage device)

    I have the Archos Gmini XS-200 and it is tiny! 20 GB

    Here is the site I bought mine from and he is in Canada. The link below is for a comparison on his site of all the Archos products (maybe a different one will be better for you):

    As for your screen, you will do well to buy a 7" touchscreen. They don't have problems in the winter, despite getting down to -35 sometimes. Just install the screen so that it looks factory or create a cover for it so that it can't be seen from outside.

    Good luck

    EDIT: Looks like there is a new version - Gmini XS-202 - doesn't look much different aside from having different backlighting


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      Perhaps a laptop with a docking station is a good idea...
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