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Pioneer IP-Bus input has low volume

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  • Pioneer IP-Bus input has low volume


    I have just hooked up my iPod Shuffle to my Pioneer KEH-P3850 headunit using the 'IP Bus hack':

    The pinout above is correct, and I get stereo sound as expected. However, the volume is very low regardless of the input source. I have tried both my Shuffle and a Sony Minidisc.

    Even at 100% player volume, the sound is still much softer than the radio (at constant headunit volume). I can turn the headunit up lots to get a reasonable volume without any distortion, but I would prefer not to use this method, as when I switch sources to radio, I almost blow my (very cheap) speakers!

    My main question is this:

    Does the 'official' Pioneer adapter (CDR-B10) amplify the input signal at all?

    I am interested to know if this problem could be solved by either purchasing the CDR-B10, or making a very simple pre-amp for the input in combination with my DIY interface.

    Does anyone have/know where to find the schematic for the CDR-B10? I have found the CDR-B20, but not the simpler one...

    Any help most appreciated.


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    I have a 7300mp deck with the ipbus hookup and bought a cdr-b20 and it works flawlessly. There must be some kind of preamp in it or a signal to the head unit to amplify the signal so it is useable. Personally I wouldn't cobble parts where this is concerned. The proper cable also has a lock mechanism which keeps it firmly attached at the rear. This is a good thing, you dont want to have to keep yanking your HU out to plug the cable back in.
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      Thanks for the reply. I realise from looking at the schematic of the CDR-B20 that this does indeed contain some form of pre-amplification.

      However, the B10 is a much simpler looking device, hence my wondering if it indeed contains a similar pre-amp, or if it is in fact just a simple cable adapter. A schematic would make this 100% clear, but this does not appear to be available. I have not seen any conclusive post on the possibility of a pre-amp in the CDR-B10 in my searchings...


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        Just to wrap up this thread...

        I got a reply from Pioneer, and no, the CDR-B10 does not in any way amplify the audio signal. It is simply an adapter.

        After checking my wiring again the volume seems to be higher, not as high as I would like, but close enough.


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          try better rca's? Mine works fine, as do others'.
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            depends which radio it is there is a function where you can increse the internal amplifier gain on the cd player in aux mode. i have it on my pioneer in the menu function. usually only on the deh-p6*** or higher the ones with the nice screens


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              I believe there is some setting in the menu in recent Pioneer headunits that increases the volume for each input independently, except for the radio. For example, if the radio broadcast is louder than the CD you could set that to +1 or more to compensate. Why don't you try that? I think it's called SLA and you should find it somewhere in the menu with the AUX input enabled.


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                there's an op-amp in the official pioneer ipbus cable that regulates the voltage for the deck.. just get the official cable, it's only ~$35