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  • Findings after a bit of work

    Im new to this forum and figured I would give some info on what Ive found so far. Ive got a 629 Lilliput 7" screen and installing Egalax 3.2.2.. drivers on XP SP2 completely boinked the system. If anyone is wondering, with the newest version of the lilliput TFT screen I would definatley use the most current software revision 4.2.. as of my writing. Since Im using a Toshiba Satellite as my pc unit I also pose a question. The USB touchscreen will not initialize correctly after resuming windows from standby. I have gone into the device manager and set the hub to not be controlled by the power management but that does not seem to fix the issue with the most current egalax drivers 4.2.. I noticed that if you disable and then re-enable to touchscreen drivers it will reinitiallize (sp) and then work. Anyone have any idea how to create a script that can load upon resuming and automate this?



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    Continuing to search

    Ive been looking into devmgmt.msc, I thought I could send commands to it from the command line but I havent seen any info on switches or otherwise. Im of the opinion now that it is only editable from the UI. that throws the .bat idea out the window. Could VB disable and re-enable a device?