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bluetooth interaction with winamp?

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  • bluetooth interaction with winamp?

    hey guys
    i was wondering since my vaio has built in bluetooth support, if possibly some type of mp3 player program would support it so i could control the tracks through bluetooth
    does winamp, or any other program support that
    or is there a patch for that?
    again, i am a n00b with carputing..
    thanks for your consideration

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    What would you use to control it via bluetooth? I've seen bluetooth keyboards (obvious control there), mice, headsets, and other audio devices, but no winamp controllers or plugins for it.

    What exactly do you want to do with it? Voice control through a headset?


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      well, my vaio laptop has built in bluetooth, and i was planning on buying a bluetooth headset, so yes, voice control would be the main reason for this, thanks.


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        You would have to see if the built-in bluetooth supports an 'audio gateway', so it can use the headset as an audio input. Then you'd just need to do a search for voice recognition software that will work with winamp.


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          i havce a sony vaio z1wa note book, im looking for any information on audio gateway compatability right now,and im having some difficulty finding it, what are some keywords i should google, cuz nothing comes up when i google

          sony vaio z1wa audio gateway


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            you need bluetooth v1.2, as opposed to v1.1
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