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2002 Toyota Camry XLE

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  • 2002 Toyota Camry XLE

    I must say, of all the computer projects I've taken on, and 'mp3car' will probably be the most challenging. What I would like to know is if there is a place that has some 'pre-built' items to start with. My camry came with a 6-disc in-dash changer that I've changed out for a dvd system. I've now decided to upgrade this car to have a computer w/lcd touchscreen. I've got all the computer parts all I need is a way to mount/install the lcd. I've considered the dash, but I'd be stuck with a small 7" screen. If I decide to use the console area, I might be able to sneak a 10.4" screen. Anyone got any ideas for a place to start?

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    I've got a 02 LE I just kinda wedged my Tview in the large space in front of the shifter with no problems, double stick foam tape it in, works great Ill post pics of you want later.


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      Is this kinda what your dash looks like?

      I looks like you might even be able to use an 8" VGA.


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        that dash would be perfect for a 7" in TS... it wouldnt be hard at all to fabricate a peice to replace the radio.


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          I have a 2003 camry xle, and I measured the dash and its approximately 8.2x4.1 so the height is a problem, and I didn't want to hack up my dash, so my shop and I will see what we can do.


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            can you loose the indicaters above the radio?

            what does it all tell you?


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              that is the time and car information such as how much gallons left, mpg, and misc stuff...that is way up there though, but maybe I guess if we take off the cover for the screen and just have the lcd, and have it recess leaning down, it could fit. I sure hope so.


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                Can't you use the toyota dash kit for aftermarket headunit and take the lilliput cover and bondoit to the dash kit???


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                  2002 Camry SE w/ Xenarc 7" TS

                  I installed mine in the console infront of the shifter. It's good for shading from sunlight but is too far from where my eyes need to be (on the road!).
                  I want to replace it with the head unit, but I need to get an audio amp. first. Any suggestions?
                  2002 Camry SE: M6K, Xenarc, Earthmate GPS/St.Atlas'07
                  PW70A card supply, 802.11b,
                  Andrea Dual Mic Array/DSP Noise filtering for VR.