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  • Any suggestions?

    I have been thinking about getting a carputer for a months or two now. I have been searching on this site for information about what I basicaly need to get one. But I was wondering if I could get some suggestions about what type of stuff I need to get. I would like for the computer to have a navigation system, be able to play dvd's and be able to play music. I would also like to be able to do more than one thing at once. For example have the navigation system running on the screen up front and have movie playing on another screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I'm a n00b too, so take some of this with a grain of salt. These are in really no order.

    Monitor. Decide if you can fit a touchscreen (or screen at all) anywhere in the front. If not, see if a rearview mirror display or sunvisor display will work. That will dictate a whole lot about how you interface with the carpc and use it.

    Stereo. Do you want to keep the factory HU or totally remove it. Do you still need FM? If so, there are some factors that will affect some of the other options.

    Navigation. If you want NAV, do you have a place for the GPS mouse?

    Type. Laptop or purpose-built pc? It may seem obvious, but you may want to get a laptop with a broken screen and use the LCD for your primary monitor. Since a laptop is already fairly "ruggedized" there might be some advantages.

    Frontend. Download all of them (elsewhere on and try them out. If you have a WinXP desktop, these should all run fine on them.

    I know there are other topics, but these are the ones I have been kicking around. For now, I've decided to try to forgo my factory HU all together. I'm going to try out XM and maybe some sort of FM receiver. I may go back to a regular HU with aux input so I can get the sound from my carpc to the speakers.

    Good luck!
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      i'm one of the oldest n00b in this forum and if there's one thing that i learn but didn't experience (yet) is that you will be flamed if you don't use the search button. this have been asked many times.

      keywords for search, dual screen, laptop.

      on the main page you have the store button for all your hardware need. the only think i can think off that they don't carryare dual screen vdeo card but it has been done before.

      i don't want to sound like a smart *** to you but if you look at my # of post you'll see that it is week eventhou i've been in this forum for almost everyday last year. you must read and read more other peoples post because tey may answeryour questions and give you ideas so you won't get smoked by theses guys.
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        Would another screen just hook up to the back of the laptop.


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          Dual Monitors

          This is a great question. I think that you would need a dual monitor configuration, say a Matrox dual head or something similar. If you run the primary to the dash, and split the secondary between the two headrests it should be pretty straight forward.

          One possibility is to use the TV Out for a scondary monitor (split into two for headrests). I dont know if thats possible, if TV outs are used only as a primary or if you can run dual monitors with it, but someone here knows Im sure.
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            I don't know if this would be possible but would you be able to be playing three different things. Say I have three screens in my vehicle. One up front and lets say one in each headrest. Would I be able to have the navagation system running up front and have lets say two different movies playing in the back.


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              Another newbie thread...
              If you want dual screen, stay away from Epia boards.
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                search, not spoon fed. If you want to know what to get, go look in the show off your project forum and look at peoples setups.
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                  Originally posted by stillnocar
                  i'm one of the oldest n00b in this forum.
                  I got ya beat.
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