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  • My Future Setup?

    First of all, I want to thank you all on these forums for all the help/everything ive learned here, however ive been on these forums for quite some time (i think this is my first post however), Well now its my turn for a carputer .. I think this is the right forum for this, looking (and have been considering for quite a long time now) to get a carputer..and now the info/help/etc..

    I currently have a 05 honda accord and everything is stock except for some subs/amp i threw in the trunk..I love my music, so I like it to be loud despite people may complain that music should only be heard by you not by 3 cars away, anyways...ive integrated all my music onto CD's (about 12 gigs, ) but now i think its time i get a i originally wanted..

    The only thing holding me back, is my car being a lease and being up in a few years, so I kind of want to get a new car before i throw everything in there, however im just going to say what i want and see if you guys can give me advice and help..


    Computer : Sony Computer (Old Desktop, p4, 512 ram, etc)
    Monitor: Xenarc 700IDT In Dash 7" Touch Screen VGA
    Accessories: Power inverter (help?), Bluetooth (have bluetooth phone), wireless lan card, GPS Unit (What kind do i get?), GPS Software (Whats the best?)
    Headunit: Alpine CDA-9855 (hopefully i can connect the sound through one of the inputs on this)
    Others: Xbox
    Sound: Stock Sound for now, except for a 15" sub, and a MTX 1501D amp.

    I guess im interested in knowing what will i need? Will i even be able to power this computer? How about a power on switch? And questions on some accessories above? Anyone used something similiar? And how will the music sound, and what do i connect it to/with?

    Any help/comments/feedback is appreciated... Thanks for your time, and for all your help.. Sorry if i forgot something im sure i did