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Is this Althon system under 150w? Missing anything?

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  • Is this Althon system under 150w? Missing anything?

    I've been doing hours/days of reading over the past couple of months attempting to work out a worth-while system based around an opus 150W.

    I've come up with the list below and would appreciate feedback and reasons if anything is wrong.
    I've seen a couple of posts about people with athlon 64 systems who have basically been laughed at.

    With this in mind I starting looking at a sempron based system as I thought that might be a bit better for low power usage. While calculating things with this page:
    I noticed that the "veinice" athlon 64 only uses 67 watts (only 5 more than a sempron)
    With this in mind I came up with this system. It seems to be below 150. Please point out my stupidity if I've missed something! (in which case i'll fall back to the sempron idea?)

    AMD Athlon64 3000+ Veince (67watts)
    MSI RS480M2-IL ATI Xpress 200, 1394 (according to site mobos use around 40w?) This board has onboard video, does that change anything?
    Keyboard (2.5w)
    GPS mouse (2.5w)
    512 DDR ram (15w)
    80GB 7200rpm 3.5 HD (15w)
    Newision screen (so usb touchscreen part via usb, actual screen i'll power from cig lighter)

    I don't need an optical drive, and I will only have minimal USB devices attached. One hard drive, one stick of ram.

    This all comes in at around 140w according to the calculator. Have I missed something obvious? If I have any help would be appreciated. I've tried to research this as much as possible before posting!

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    I have been trying to figure out the same thing??

    This is what I was going to buy:

    -MSI RS480M2-IL Socket 939 ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 Micro ATX
    Integrated - ATI Radeon XPRESS 200
    -AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice
    -SAMSUNG SpinPoint P Series SP1213C 120GB 7200 RPM
    -mushkin XP3200 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400
    -USB: DVD-CDROM combo drive
    -GPS Mouse
    -Xenarc 700TS (assume I would have to power w/ other options)

    BUT…. I read this and started looking for other boards
    NOTE: MSI RS480M2-IL -- northbridge runs HOT
    here is the article: (botton of page)

    As far as the power goes are we on the right track or…
    Have we gone overboard?


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      Apoligies for the double post


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        I'm hoping to mount mine in the boot which has a large volume so hopefully the heat won't be a huge issue for me. I'd just love to hear from someone in the know if we are on the right track.

        Interesting to see we were basically looking at exactly the same system!


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          Total wattage doesn't mean anything. 2 of the same wattage PSU are not the same.
          Break out to see where power is being use most. 3.3V, 5V, or 12V and compare that with the Opus spec. If everything is good within spec, you are good to go.
          You can have plenty of power on 12V but your setup require more power on 5V than the PSU can provide. That PSU is useless with your setup.
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            I've just been speaking with a friend who has an old duron 1.3ghz system with 2 sticks of 133mhz ram, a 7200 80 gig drive and a mobo with video onboard.

            Does this system have a better chance of running smoothly on the Opus? Or should i just bite the bullet and pay the big shipping fees to import an athlon mobile from overseas? (if i can't get a computer store around here to get them in)


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              Take a look at your friend system PSU to see what kind of output it is. If it about the Opus spec, then yes, it will work.
              Most Socket A mobo use power on 5V instead of 12V. Most DC-DC PSU has weak 12V output.
              But overall, I think the duron have a good chance to run on the Opus. Why not take a look at the old P3? Around 1GHz will do fine. My 600Mhz do fine with DVD and GPS at the same time.
              2004 Matrix XR A7N8X-VM/400 AMD XP-M 2500+, DS-ATX
              89 Supra Turbo P3 [email protected]/Abit BE6 II, Alpine M-BUS Car2PC.
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              RoadRunner is the best FE PERIOD
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                Thanks MatrixPC,
                How do you know if a CPU uses the 5 or 12v rail? I'm looking on AMDs site and can't seem to find anything about which rail a certain chip uses.

                Would this mean SocketA 462 pin athlonxp and sempron cpus would work?
                Or does it mean 62w/5vrail=12.4amp -> too much for the opus?
                It seems quite a few people are running 2.4ghz P4s and athlonXPs around these boards on the opus 150w? How are they doing it if the calculations for the rails don't seem to work out?

                Sorry if that sound like gibberish, I'm still trying to work out the amps per each rail thing and how you can actually find the values for each chip...


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                  seriously, I don't know.
                  I think someone on PC perpective forum did a test on Socket A mobo (Asus) and foundout that the CPU get power from 5V
                  You also notice that there is another 300W PSU currently in development by Dragon...
                  Maybe you can hit up those guys who use P4 and Pm them to see if they have any problem with the opus.
                  2004 Matrix XR A7N8X-VM/400 AMD XP-M 2500+, DS-ATX
                  89 Supra Turbo P3 [email protected]/Abit BE6 II, Alpine M-BUS Car2PC.
                  Y2K Accord Dell GX150
                  RoadRunner is the best FE PERIOD
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                    I use an Athlon XP 2400+ on my normal computer with a nice A-Bit mo-bo, it has a utility that tells voltages and what not... it does run at 5v
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                      you have to look at the rails like matrix said. For the motherboard, you have to talk figure it out from the manufacturer. Things like HD, are most likely 12V. Just look at the drive or tech sheets and they'll say, either 12V, 5V or 3.3V. Your onboard ram, video and USB are through your motherboard... so you have to factor that in. DVD's i think are 5V, again you have to check your make and model

                      so, hypotheically, even if you are running at say 90W (60W on 12V rail, meaning 5A) on your 150W PS, even though your total wattage is ok, if you 12V rail only supplies under 5A (60W), you're in trouble... hope this helps

                      Important question.. why are you running such a fast/hot/modern CPU in the car? You can't possible be thinking about playing battlefield 2 in the car are you? Most people are fine using 1Ghz Epia proc's
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                        Hi ketchup318,
                        Thanks for the reply. Basically the stores around here in Melbourne stock the latest and greatest and not much else. None have mobile CPUs (which seems to be the middle ground).

                        No, I wan't planing on playing games in the car, it was more a matter of if I could get a system that is far more powerful for the same price why not. (again, since the lower powered stuff is rather rare here it's just as expensive as more powerful hardware). If it worked, i figured it was going to be better to have something very responsive in the car so it would act more like a "real" piece of navigation/stereo/etc equipment.

                        If the people i've contacted can't get in the mobile processors I will go with a via, just because there aren't any other options left it seems. I don't want to import anything more than I already have to (a lot) since by the time it gets here, half the cost of the product has been just postage!

                        So that' basicallly it I'm still curious about people's setups with P4 in the 2ghz range etc