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  • Un-answered questions to self.

    I've been reading on this forum for a while and really thinking about switching from an alpine multimedia system to a car pc. Some of the question that I haven't posted yet need answers though. I already started to try the pc thing with a laptop and docking station but the big hold-up was the picture quality going from the laptop video outs to the composite video in on the alpine brain. It seems like no matter what type of connector or powered vga to tv converter i get, the picture still sucks. Here are some of the question.

    1.) Even though there are 12volt power supplies such as the itx with stand by, does it still work the same as the alpine meaning when i turn the key off, go into stand by, then turn the key back on does the mp3 or dvd continue in the same place it was or do i have to restart everything again before driving.

    2.) How do i get the 2 chl sound from the pc to a 4ch for the car speakers? And how is the sound quality?

    3.) I only want to buy 1 vga touch screen monitor and use the existing regular lcd monitors that i have now just to display movies.
    What type of device do i use to do this. I hope not some kind of a switchbox or something. I really want everthing to be controlled from the front.

    Also if anybody can give me somemore advice on getting a good vga to rca converter that would be great too. Thanks alot guys and i appreciate your time.

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    In fact you didn't read enought or your search didn't get what you want, but here you go.
    You are right about VGA->RCA thinggy. No matter what, the picture quality is suck.
    1) Yes, if you get the right power supply. By that I mean look for one that is a PSU and a SDC (short for ShutDown Controller). Opus PSU, M1-ATX, and few other are PSU+SDC. There are a few stand alone SDCs in the forum's store and those are intended to use with Inverter or DC-DC PSU without SDC buildin. The SDC part is to handle the PC ON/OFF automatically. To resume Music/DVD where it left off, you have to use the OS's hibernation or Standby feature.
    2) Are you going to use the car's Head Unit? If so, just think the carPC is a BIG CD Changer. Sound from PC going to the HU via Aux input. If you are not using HU, well, use amplifier and equalizer.
    3) Some mobo/video card chipset have dual output VGA + Video/S-V.

    Now read some more topic in the FAQ, more detail answer to your topic in there an my answer.
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      Also a little info on the sound portion.

      Some sound cards (built in on the via mini-itx's) have 5.1. This means with a setting checked off in windows the sound card goes from having line-in (green plug),lineout (blue plug) and mic (red plug). to having front left and right, rear left and right and center and sub channels.
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