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noobie puts espresso in a volvo

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  • noobie puts espresso in a volvo

    Hi I have taken the plunge into the "carputer" world.
    My previous attempt was not really upto much as there was no pc involved!
    I had an Alfa GTV which I installed a motorised monitor bass shakers and 6 disc dvd changer great for hours of music but i then had to turn it down to listen to my MIO Digiwalker telling me where to go or when my cell rang and iI couldn't hear my bluetooth properly.
    Well I sold that car and over the past few weeks have been aquiring the items I think I need to make this a rather painless operation.
    Here is the list of things I have so far..

    Saintsong Espresso pc with dvd docking station
    spec: ProcessorPentium III/Celeron 850 Processor in FCPGA package. Memory256 DIMM PC100/PC133 SDRAM VideoIntel 810, Video Memory 4MB (shared Memory) . Supports up to 1280 by 1024-pixel. Speakers and AudioBuilt-in 16-bit stereo (sound blaster / Adlib compatible) Built-in Speaker. Peripheral ConnectionTwo USB ports . VGA port . One 3.5mm Micro-phone in port . One 3.5 mm line out port (using Active Speaker). One S Video and AV video port . One 6 pin PS/2 mouse port . One 6 pin PS/2 keyboard port . One connector for docking station. StorageOne 2.5 inch Hard Disk .
    The Docking Station, which connects via a built-in proprietary AGP interface, offers a DVD-ROM drive. Espresso EPC also has all standard I/O ports, which include a built-in touch pad, a parallel port, a serial port, and two USB

    Panasonic 15v 4 a car power adapter to power the mini pc

    Blue Tooth USB Dongle
    Motorolla v80 cell
    Motorolla phone tools software

    Holux 210 GPS receiver (usb)
    Map Monkey SAT Nav software
    Serial OBD11 lead

    USB 4 point hub with a Multi Voltage Adapter that provides a 5v supply

    Netgear ma111 USB WiFi dongle

    I am currently researching a touch screen 8" Monitor

    Hopefully this will remove the need for having a Keyboard!

    I will attempt to install this initially without removing any of the cars normal ICE and the sound will be provided through a tape adapter plugged into the headphone jack.

    Once I am happy with the operation of all the software and peripherals I will
    endeavour to hard wire it into the car and mount the monitor where the current double din stereo unit is fitted.

    So I guess that if anybody has got this far must be wondering what the point to this post is well i really would like someone to say something like that sounds like quite a good idea and you seem to be on the right tracks.

    Thanks for your patience reading this and sorry if I have bored the living daylights out of you.