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Lan HDD use for wake-on-lan

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  • Lan HDD use for wake-on-lan

    I'm have been very interest in carputers, but don't know very much. I want to put my Toshiba laptop in my '01 Frontier but have no way in resuming it from standy by.
    I have been reading threads about wake-on-lan and that seem promising. I don't know if this have been posted so be easy on me.
    What I want to do is get an external hard drive that runs through Lan cables and hook it up to my laptop. If I turn on the HDD, with it send that "mysterious packet" laptop and there for wake it up from standby.

    Please feel free to pound on my stupidity, but just be easy.

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    I have to admit that i don't know much about WOL (wake on lan) but i have also been interested in this option. My idea being along the lines of getting my wireless card to start up my carpc via WOL. But, to be able to do this using a PDA (almost like dialling it up). This way i can start the carpc before i even get to the car
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      Found something:
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        Ok, taken a quick look at that website. Essentially what happens is that your network card isn't really off (i.e. it's still connected) when your PC is in suspend or even off mode, and what it is doing is listening on the network for a 'magic' packet to arrive. From what I can gather you need to send this magic packet to tell it to wake up. That's about it really. Just need to work out how to craft that magic packet now.
        "This program uses UDP for sending the packet. The complete UDP packet, sent over an ethernet interface, looks something like this:

        [ethernet header][IP header][UDP header][Magic sequence][CRCS] "
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