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Complete N00B, but have parts

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  • Complete N00B, but have parts

    Hey guys, I actually have a laptop whose screen was smashed and I had to remove it. Now it still boots up and I want to use it as my carputer. The specs are 1.4 athalon 512mb ram and it comes with a dvd player. I'd like to be able to split the svga on 3 separate cables, and link 1 to a touchscreen LCD that I want to mount on the left side of the driver on the dash, and the other two to headrest LCD's. The headrest LCD's can wait bc they are quite expensive, but Im very interested in the touch screen LCD for the driver so I can run GPS software with a GPS PCMCIA card. I also have a head unit that I installed last year with XM-radio and I hooked it up to a s-video/rca switch because I wanted to be able to switch between auxilary inputs (xm radio and the input in which I have a male stereo jack that I can plug into the laptop headphone area, or an ipod, etc.)

    Does anyone have any ideas on what else, or what good products? Id appreciate any input, and as I said, im a complete n00b.

    Also feel free to ask any questions.

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    Originally posted by PhattieM
    Also feel free to ask any questions.
    Have you searched?

    I couldnt resist


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        slam dunk
        (All done)
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