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computer boot up with a beep sound

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  • computer boot up with a beep sound

    hey guyi think something is wrong wiht my motherboard it a EPIA M10k whenever i start up it will power up and all, but some how it keep on making a this beep, i check everything, and it seem like i have done it correctly, any idea??
    the beep willl beep every few second for about a few second or so..

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    so the computer never boots? if so it sounds like a post error and those beeps actually mean something.

    If it is a post error its definately a hardware issue... It could be anything from poorly seated or broken memory or video card, to (ive seen this once a long time ago) no keyboard attached...

    you can look up what various post errors mean in the motherboards manual i assume. it will be like: long beep followed by two short beeps means...
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