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Looking for ATX/P4 power supply for my Jeep

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  • Looking for ATX/P4 power supply for my Jeep

    Hello, im semi noobish and want to put together a pc for the car, nothing too fancy, just basic capabilites.

    What im looking for is a low cost power supply for this motherboard :

    I realize I need a P4 power supply, but ive been looking thru manufacturers online and I keep seeing high prices around 80-90$ just for the power supply, so if anyone would know of a cheaper source, id think it would be on this forum.

    Thanks a bunch.
    MECA Car Audio Judge

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    Cheaper than that?? Look into an invertor. horribly noisy and inefficient but it will work. Sorry but for a p4 system, you are looking at $150 to $250 for a DC-DC power supply strong enough. Thats the problems with p4. WAY too much current draw.

    Search for DC-DC in the power supply section
    Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.


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      heh heh, nots not even worth the motherboard 3x over

      I suppose an inverter will be ok, I own an SPL truck so what do i

      Im already doing 150db's with my truck , i'll doubt i'll hear any power supply over that.
      MECA Car Audio Judge