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    Let me explain my situation, first off I have a leased (yes i know it was a stupid deal! never lease!) lincoln ls and my wife has a 02 honda civic, basicly I do not want to install anything into the dash for one because I cant and two we go on a lot of road trips and switch cars, so if this would be possible I would like to some how route the power to the backseat/trunk and run the audio/video/misc to the front where I will place a one of those lilliput 7" vga touch screens either on top or in front of the dash, basicly like this the screen will be powered off the lighter socket, I do not understand a whole lot about installs so please do correct me if I am wrong but I can basicly hook some wires to the battery and then snake it all the way to the back on both cars and just unplug and replug then when I bring my leased car back I can just remove the cables and no harm done? thank you very much for your help! Great site too!

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    theres alot to answer there.. use search if your still stuck just ask.


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      Metalgear yes you can but you will need a set of cables for each vehical if you don't know much about working on cars or know about automotive electrical systems have a car stereo shop run the wires for you

      if you plan to do it your self remember to fuse all + power wires including the ing wire
      and stay away from any orange or yellow wiring harnesses they are for your air bags if you mess with them it will be an expensive mistake or worse you could get hurt or be killed if your next to an air bag when it goes off
      I am a stereo installer every now and then I here about an installer getting sloppy and getting hurt it's alwase really bad one guy is in a wheel chair because the air bag broke his neck

      be carefull and ask a stereo installer for advice if you get stuck we love it when someone wants to put a PC in there car