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  • CarPC with everything please!

    hi 2 all!

    i am nico and i want a sweet car pc more than anything right know. the only real experience i have is building computers (home) and hooking up amps, speakers, radios....i never messed around with touchscreens and i also don't know exactly how to bring the computer with my stereo together and also powering all that might be still an issue, so take it easy with math on me

    what i want:
    - 7" touch in the dash
    - 17" flip down in the rear
    - dvd burner, navi, mp3, radio, satellite radio, win xp................

    i also want my system to run fast and smooth and internet access in my truck would be awesome!!!

    hope u guys can help me out a littl and tell me about ur experience with building ur car pc.

    i think thats it for know!

    thx already
    LVExpo (just because i like it)

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    Look at some completed projects. 7" TS you can get from
    Same with everything you mentioned except the 17" flipdown.

    Powering: get an opus or a DSATX (220w).
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