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  • 2006 Ford Fusion Carputer

    Hello All,

    I've been looking at this site for about a year now and have gotten a lot of ideas for my upcoming vehicle. I ordered it yesterday, it's a 2006 Ford Fusion Black leather interior, black dash, piano black plastics. Other than that I got it all the standard options because I plan on adding a lot of my own components to it. The first thing I want to do is add a carputer to it. Below is a diagram of how I want to do the set-up, and I'm curious if it'll work, and if it will, what gauge of wire should I use to fix it up, and also what size fuse should I use? I also have a question on the computer that I'm using, which is a barebone system and I'm adding a 160GB Hard Drive to it. Now, it is too large (small form factor) to fit inside the cabin, so it is, as of now, going to be put in the trunk. I'm wondering if I do a custom setup, is it possible to get a case and set-up that'll fit under my seat for a decent price? If so, could you point me in the correct direction?

    Thanks for your time,


    P.S. I plan on using Road Runner as my Front End.
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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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