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  • Newbie from Finland...


    I just thought I'd do a little inroduction of myself...

    I am a student (Material technic and surface treatment) from Finland and just starting this interesting hobby of building car computers

    I've been searching all sorts of stuff from the forum for a couple of weeks for now. Very interesting stuff indeed

    Are there more of us Finns here??? Eli onko täällä muita Suomalaisia käyttäjiä?

    Sorry about my english being a little poor sometimes! I do understand it well but if I have to write or speak I sometimes makes mistakes... well, practise makes better

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    Maybe I should tell a little something about my pc project also

    I've gathered some stuff together!

    I bought a psone lcd screen and I was thinking of doing a vga mod for it. I've got two computers that could be used in the project... They both are old and slow... a DELL 433MHz Intel celeron with integrated vid card etc.
    And a 450MHz AMD with a Ati Radeon 32mb vid card...

    I ment to put the Dell to my car but don't think it's chipset works with the psone vga mod
    So now the other one is going to my car... maybe...

    This is going to be a really low budget system :P

    The power will probably come via inverter cause DC-DC supplies cost a ****load around here...

    And for the last bit: the car!!

    My own litlle ****box


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      And of course..

      Why I want a puter in my car?

      Mainly because I'd like to watch videos and listen music... anything else is bonus... I'm not really much of a gamer :P


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        so is ur computer gonna be faster then ur car? lol

        ur system seems cool esp for a low budget one good luck!! search is ur friend ull find everything u need on this god given forum