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Top of screen shrunk down 1" at top...

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  • Top of screen shrunk down 1" at top...

    i but no success... please help...

    M10k board running with a xenarc 700ts-b and just flashed and updated the bios to 116 yesterday so i could get the new video drivers installed...

    now on bootup the screen is shrunk and there is an inch of black nothing at the top... like it was resized with the top pulled down... i go into the new vid driver software and click display as lcd.. and it corrects it.. but when i reboot or shutdown, same thing.. please help...

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    hey ive got that problem too but its only on boot up so im not gonna bother to fix it lol


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      WTF??? some help please ppl ... pleaseeeee


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          i figured out that when it goes into windows, it sets the resolution as 720X576... im confused... then today i went into BIOS and changed the display from CRT+TV to just LCD... and now nothing outputs on the screen... help please


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            Unless you have a second (unused) video output, and a display to plug into it, you're screwed.

            If you have a second video output and a suitable display, plug in the display, and when you turn on the computer, everything should show on the second screen. You will need to adjust the BIOS settings back how they were, to have it display on your normal screen.

            If you don't, you will need to find the reset jumper and use that to reset all the BIOS settings. It is a three pin jumper, and is usually capped on pins one and two. To use it, while the computer is off, place the cap on pind two and three and leave it there for about ten seconds. Then put it back and turn on the computer. You will need more information from the motherboard manufacturer for this, it should be in the manual, or contact them.

            When you say that the screen is shrunk from the top, is the bottom still at the bottom or is it offscreen?

            If the bottom is at the bottom, it is most likely the screen's behavoiur causing this. The BIOS snd boot screens are usually in a wide aspect ratio, with a resolution like 720 x 400. If the screen displays this pixel for pixel, and the screen is 480 pixels high, then there will be 80 leftover pixels. These 80 pixels might have been left black at the top of the display, and the 400 which are being input displayed below that.

            If the bottom of the video output doesn't line up with the bottom of the screen, it is likely that the screens signal processing hardware isn't able to properly focus on the signal, also because of the display resolution of the BIOS and boot (I have this problem with my BenQ desktop TFT monitor). A combination of alien resolution and high refresh rate can also cause this, when at a low refesh rate, the same resolution would have been able to be displayed.

            Once Windows has started, and is displaying in 720 x 576 resolution (same as PAL video), the screen is able to properly cope with the signal.


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              to reset the bios, you can also take off your battery (small round one fixed on the motherboard) for a couple of minutes (while A/C cord or psu is taken out too)
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