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Need help deciding which parts are better ?

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  • Need help deciding which parts are better ?

    Hello all,
    finally i decided building a car pc. but i have some things that i am not sure about so plz bear with me and help if u can.

    i want to keep in mind that i want to be able to play mp3 for all the time maybe some dvds and i want the pc to be connectable(wlan and bluetooth and gps)for wardriving and i want to connect the pc to my car via OBD-II and also want to temporary be able to use the pc when the engine is off.

    system specs:
    1 hdd 40 gb western
    1 video card agp 32mb
    1 wlan pci card
    512 mb sd/ram
    1 ghz cpu
    mb gigabyte
    1 dvd drive
    3 fans
    2 usb devices
    sound card
    so i think these needs ~ 90 watts in idle mode ~130 when pushed to the limit

    for power source i came up with this two
    M1-ATX and PW-200-M
    so which one is better the PW-200-M ($50) outputs 200 watts but the M1-ATX ($80) outputs 90 watts so why is this diffrence?

    space is not so much concern for me because my trunk is always empty so i dont mind installing another battery but when the battery empties how will it recharge?

    for the PC control a vga touch screen seems to be the most best idea for now. and since i dont have space to mount a screen so an in dash mount seems to be the only idea for now. so i came up with this 2 the newision NW711VT and the Xenarc 700IDTare there are any others that are cheaper.

    another question i have a jvc cd-changer could this be connected in anyway to my pc so i could remove the dvd drive.

    thnx in advance.

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    The PW-200M does not provide 200 watts of clean power. It will priovide roughly 60w of clean, regulated power.

    And asking what "the best" of anything means you're going to get opinions. Everyone has a different idea of what is "best". You need to evaluate your needs, space, specifications, etc. and determine what it "the best" for your system, vehicle and budget.

    I don't know if it's possible to interface the CD changer with the PC. It might be possible, but i'm not the expert. That CD changer wouldn't be able to play DVDs anyway. If that's functionality you want, you need a DVD drive even if you can interface w/ the CD changer.
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    How about the Wiki?

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      you really would not need a cd changer becuase you can simply load all your cds to your hard disk. Make them mp3 format and you can put alot in a little space. what processor are you going to use and what mobo. I would stay with the opus 150 watt personally. give me some more details.

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