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On Screen Keyboard for a Touchscreen

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  • On Screen Keyboard for a Touchscreen

    I have been looking at this website for a while and have gotten most of my questions answered about the how to for a carputer. I have seen screen shots of a keyboard on the touchscreen so you do not have to have a seperate keyboard taking up space in your car (and since i have a neon what little space i have i need to keep open for other things). I want to be able to have a keyboard on my touchscreen like what I have seen but I do not know where to get one. If anyone can help me out that would be great.

    2005 Dodge Neon SXT Special Edition
    Carputer Progress [??????---] Still More Questions to be answered

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    -Windows has one
    -A couple of the front ends have em built in I think
    -If you search the forum a couple of people have made thier own
    -Google it or go to a download site like tucows or


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      98explorerxlt Is right noob.

      Its not because it says newbie on the section that you cant search

      Hope I didnt offend you Good luck on your hunt.