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aftermarket radio, yay or nay?

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  • aftermarket radio, yay or nay?

    i see some people use an aftermarket radio with an aux in and some just use their carpc.
    whats the pros, cons to eitheir way. thanks

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    cons.....some see it pointless & some think its uncool
    pros......backup radio (in case your working on your carpc or something), can avoid installing a component amp
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      It can be cheaper to use an aftermarket HU too, that's why I am right now.
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        I am still in the process of building my car-computer, but my reason for keeping the HU is because I dont want to have to turn on the computer during the summer texas heat just to listen to music.
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          well regardless, i would like to use my carpc all year. just dont turn it on till your car is cool inside. also i have two external amps so i wont use the amp in the hu anyways.

          i just hope i can figure this out , just downloaded the RR front end , and till now everythings confusing. i dont wanna be discouraged to do it but its all confusing.


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            Go the the FAQ Emporium by clicking the link in my signature. You'll get an organized set of links to most of the basics for installing, including how to hook up your PC to your amplifiers.
            Originally posted by ghettocruzer
            I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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              CarPC Hacks

              I'm a newbie as well, but I can't think of a better resource than the book "Car PC Hacks: Tips & Tools for Geeking Your Ride. All topics, from basic to complex are explained thouroughly for the newbie (and for seasoned pros...).

              Good Luck



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                Like you I wanted the option to pull the carputer. For about 60 days in the winter (my situation is the revese of yours) Jan/Feb up here can see temps
                -30c and depending on how my system reacts I have the option of pulling it out of the car in about 2 mins.

                If you go H/U try and get a digital In (aux) if possible.

                Although a carputer is great, the option of not starting it up all the time on short trips for lunch, a quick run to the store is a bonus. Also, if a big job to add to your carputer comes around you can pull it out of the car and work on it for several days with MP3's, FM still running in your car.

                There have been times where something has failed, and have to send it away under warranty.. it can take a month, so glad to have the H/U.

                Also depending on the unit you get and how much you are into sound, a good H/U will give you options to adjust your sound stage correctly,precise and on the fly. ie: time delays, X-over frequencies/slopes and PEQ. Oh and the VOLUME button one source very fast reaction for volume and probably mute

                Voltage to your RCA's going to your amp(s) is also a concern. Some sound cards will support less than 2v which can introduce noise. My H/U runs 8v to my amps which helps in absolute 0 nosie on the line.
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