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what desktop parts do i need?

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  • what desktop parts do i need?

    as you can see i am new to this fourm. i really dont know much about computers at all. i want to put a carputer in my car for mp3's, dvd, and nav. now i have an old desktop computer at home laying around and i have no idea what the parts are or what parts i need to take out to begain this project. i already tried seaching and i would really apreciate any help given. thanks

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    WOW, that's a tough one to answer.. It's like telling someone how to build an engine when they're not a mechanic. 100% of the information you need to accomplish your goals is here, but not having a grasp on computer technology makes it hard to absorb. My best suggestion is to first understand (or get someone who already does) what components do what inside your PC. Once you gain that knowledge, you'll be able to get a firm grasp on what's all going on here, and what's all required to play mp3's in your car with a computer.
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      Basically, a CarPC is a home PC or laptop thats been converted to run on the cars power. Thats the very very basic answer. Based on that, you can take your old desktop, put a power inverter in your car (connects to the battery and gives you a regular power socket) and then you have a PC running in there.
      However, you'll want to look at:
      1) DC-DC power - this replaces the power supply in your desktop, and the inverter, and runs the PC straight from the cars 12V system. The argument of inverter vs DC-DC is well documented here.
      2) Screens - you'll need to see what youre doing for Nav and DivXs, so you need to look at what your screen options are. Seeings as a car wont have room for an old 15" monitor, you'll want a little 7" LCD like a Lilliput. You also need to understand what "VGA" and "Composite" mean, and what the differences are
      3) Input devices - have you got space for a full on keyboard and mouse in your car? if not, get a screen with touchscreen capabilities.

      Im not one to say "search", but have a good read in the FAQ section to try and understand your car, your PC and your requirements - certainly before you start buying things.

      WE can help more if you tell us the specs of your "unused PC" - whats the processor, etc - and what car you want to use. For example, I have an AMD Duron 800Mhz mounted in a 1978 Mercedes 200D.