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n00b power supply question

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  • n00b power supply question

    hi everyone

    im trying to put a pc in my 350z and i pretty much have everything minus the power supply ive been searching but i dont get a certain answer i have:

    IBM NetVista Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz / 256MB SDRAM / 40GB HDD / CD-ROM / NVIDIA Vanta-16 AGP Video / lilliput 7" TS

    im wondering how many watts do i need to power this ive read bettween 150w to almost 200w so i just need a definite answer so i can go see if the opus 150w would be enough or not

    thanks for the help

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    well there is no definate answer really. I think it should be cool.

    whats the cdrom for? playing cds or just data movment?


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      just playing cds , data movement will be done through wi-fi that ill ad at a later time


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        hmmm might be a tight fit then
        do a search on here for power calculator

        might give you a basic idea


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          what can i use that makes more power than that


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            lol not much


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              You know what, id say go for it.


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                lol alright


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                  whats the highest wattage someone is running on the opus cuz the calculators are telling me ill be running abt 170w


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                    About 160Watts @ max power. You also need to check the specs of the power supply for each line; you can't use spare watts off the 12v line to boost the 5v line.
                    To be honest, most car PCs are just ticking over with mp3s and GPS apps. The only CPU intensive stuff I have found is mp3 visual effects in winamp, that seems to soak up 90% of available cycles. (or if one of your apps crashes... )


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                      Talk to zootjeff about getting a DSATX, which is rated at 220w.
                      Or get a KeyPower 250w unit and an external shutdown controller.

                      when I first started into this hobby, there were two worthwhile DC-DC PSUs, but everyone wanted an Opus because of the additional features. Now there appear to be four. The applications for the M1-ATX are limited because it's only 90w. The DSATX is brand new. The PW200M is a piece of ****, just as it was a year and a half ago. The Opus & KPI units are still available.

                      So why does everyone automatically want an Opus unit without looking at alternatives? Do some looking around and see what else is out there, especially if your setup is borderline for an Opus 150w.
                      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
                      How about the Wiki?

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                        Check out maybe that can help you out


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                          it says 180w now is that what my comp will be running continuously or at peak when i run everything at its maximum