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2006 Hyundai Sonata Carputer

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  • 2006 Hyundai Sonata Carputer

    Hi, I am very new to this. I am below a newbie. I was justreading about this today and was very interested. I just have a couple of questions, does anyone have any ideas on what to get for my car?

    Also, what is the degree of difficulty in doing this carputer thing?

    Last, does anyone live close to Bremerton, Wa that can help me with this carputer thing?

    Any comments would help, except for :-)

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    If you dont know how hard it is. then give up now.


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      I can kinda assess the degree of difficulty if i get some feedback. it sounds pretty hard but so does rocket science and thats not too hard.


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        Tell us what you want to use it for, then we can try and tell you what sort of equipment you will need.
        Whether it is easy or not depends on your experience/knowledge of electronics and computers. Really only basic knowledge of electronics is required (this again depends on what you try to do of course), but your knowledge of computers really helps when configuring the whole thing and solving problems - as from experience there will be problems lol
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          See now that was what I was looking for as a reply. Thank you.

          Ok, I do have knowledge in electronics and extensive computer knowledge.

          In my Sonata I have 2 amps (1 for subs and 1 for speakers), stock radio and xm radio through FM trasmitter. I am also running TomTom Navigator with my PDa and a tomtom wired GPS reciever. If you need pics on the inside of the car, i can provide.

          For the carputer, I would like to play my music through it. I would also like to play emulators through it. I would like to have my Tomtom reciever run through the carputer insead (the GPS reciever is an RJ-11 connection).

          Also, Iwas reading about the thing also. I would like that.

          This is all I can think of right now. If there is anything else that the carputer can do thats pretty useful, i would like that too :-)


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            if you can run subs, you can run a computer. but the make everything perfect... thats alittle tricky.


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              Trust me i have no problem with the running of stuff. I can do that just like I did to the system I have. Im just not sure about everythig I would need. Also, my main problem I think would be the LCD screen. Since my car is so new, there are no radio kits for my car. I would have to make it out of fiberglass i guess, unless there is somewhere else to put it.

              I think the hard part right now is the planning phase since that is where I am. I need a jumpstart because I am totaly clueless right now. I can't even think of any ideas.


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                Mostly any computer above 600Mhz will do what you want.
                Now you have to decide if you want to go the laptop or desktop route.
                Laptop easy power solution, just buy one of those car adaptors for it, and have it shutdown when it has been x minutes on the battery after you shut off the car. Powering up the laptop is a little bit more tricky, you'll have to rig up a little time delay circuit using a relay and a capacitor, then solder the NO contacts on the relay to the power switch on the laptop. There is a circuit of this somewhere on the forums. Problem with a laptop is the limited ability to upgrade (no pci slots etc).

                A Desktop/via/m-atx solution is a little bit mroe difficult. It's just like a standard computer, but you can use a normal computer supply tied together with a dc/ac inverter or buy a dc-dc power supply (such as the Opus). Then build/buy a case for it and mount it. Also the desktop option gives you regulated +12v, +5v in the car, which is handy for various devices such as USB hubs etc. You can also get the same regulated voltages using a laptop but you'll have to rig up a voltage regulator using some chips (such as lm805) or purhcase a pol (point of load) voltage regulator.

                Post a pic of the dash and we might be able to help with placements of the LCD screen.

                Not too sure about the Tom Tom reciever and interfacing with the computer (maybe someone with a bit more knowledge can help out here!) But I think it might be easier to buy the BU-203 USB gps reciever and use some software such as destinator to get GPS on the carputer.

                Most of the products needed are at

                Where abouts do you plan on mounting the carputer?
                Fox Mulder
                2004 Toyota MR2
                Modified Intel Xeon E5450 3Ghz Quad Core 2GB RAM 160GB SSD M4ATX Xenarc 700TSV TS Toslink Audio BU353 DiNovo Mini Car2PC ODBII Bluetooth HF 16x2 Character LCD


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                  I plan on putting the puter in the trunk. There is like 1 - 1 1/2 foot by 6 inch space between my sub box.

                  Here are some pics of my dash.

                  I do plan on doing a mini desktop computer. not going the route of a laptop.


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                    Sorry for HUGE images


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                      pics aren't working

                      If it's going to be in the boot you are going to need a long VGA extension cable, and long USB cable for the touchscreen part of it.

                      [edit: The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer. Visit our help area for more information. I'll try again in an hour!]
                      Fox Mulder
                      2004 Toyota MR2
                      Modified Intel Xeon E5450 3Ghz Quad Core 2GB RAM 160GB SSD M4ATX Xenarc 700TSV TS Toslink Audio BU353 DiNovo Mini Car2PC ODBII Bluetooth HF 16x2 Character LCD


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                        give me about 10 minutes to find a way to shrink size in resolution and KB's


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                          ok here are the pics. hope this works

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Trunck-1.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	dash3-1.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

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                            Ok, I have done a litlle more research on exactly what I want.

                            As I said before, i would like to use the puter for MP3 playback, GPS, and for the on-board computer also.

                            I have actually picked out a computer and would like to know what u guys think.
                            • Ampie Case
                            • Win XP Home as OS
                            • Xenerac 700TSV so I can just put it on dash since I really have no otherplace to put it
                            • SB Audigy ZS so I can use it for 5.1 Surround
                            • M1-ATX as PSU - i read this is very good PSU
                            • USB Bluetooth for PDA and phone connection
                            • EPIA MII12000 motherboard - says only one I can use for Audigy card Ihave
                            • 40 GB HD - good enough for me
                            • DVD/CD-RW Drive - Play DVD's I guess
                            • 512 PC2100 RAM - everyone in here says thats the lowest to go

                            Thats about it for Computer. My other USB Port will be used to connect a 4-port USB hub so I can connect my GPS and other crap since motherboard only comes with 2 ports.

                            Im still not sure if to put it in my trunk or maybe inside my Glove box (very huge Glovebox). I was pulling more towards the Glove box so it uses shorted wires.

                            The only thing I am still confused about, even after reading, is how to connect the AMPS and all the other audio crap to puter so it intergrates with each other.

                            Also, I have not researched this but how would you go about adding the on-board computer in your car to the carputer? Is it just a simple wire from the connection on your on-board computer to carputer and then some software?

                            Last, after seeing the list of stuff i want to get, is there anything I am still missing?


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                              the amps would be easy, just use a 1/8 inch to rca wire/converter and run that to your amps. This may make it so that you have to use more/upgrade your current amps though. I dont know how you could intigrate it very easily with a stock head unit, if its even possible.

                              ust throw on a wintv/fm usb thingy, and watch tv/fm radio in your car, use the dvd to play cd's and forget about your stock head unit, or remove it.

                              use the glovebox if possible for the carputer, and for the hdd/cd/dvd, use laptop parts so that they wont skip(as easily at least) and have larger buffers on them. you can find slim line slot load, and 2.5" hdd adaptars fairly easily.
                              Progress,.... that is what I keep forgetting ;)
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