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Best PCI Sound Card?

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  • Best PCI Sound Card?

    I have done several searches, and concluded that the creative card had horrible drivers and that was not the route to go. I am currently looking at the e-mu 0404 sound card, any other suggestions? I have heard good things about the new creative x-fi sound card to, but than again its creative. So any suggestions, really dont want to spend more than $150. Processor is going to be alpine pxa-h701, running actively to two 5.5 scanspeak revelator mids and seas lotus reference tweets. SQ is key here.


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    I have the Audigy2 ZS, and am quite happy with it. I don't have any problems with the Creative drivers, but there are the KXProject drivers you could try instead.

    I also have an M-Audio soundcard in my desktop. M-Audio usually has very good reviews, and isn't too expensive.


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      The new Soundblaster X-Fi cards are the best consumer sound cards. Creative's cards are traditionally geared toward gaming and sound effects more than musical fidelity. From what I iunderstand, however, the x-Fi takes a huge leap in that direction.
      There are also professional cards for musicians as well by m-Audio, Turtle Beach and other companies.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I'm looking at this one, apparently it will give true Dolby Digital and DTS surround. It's another option if you wanna go that route. I don't know much about the card yet since it's pretty new, but I'm gonna be picking one up in January.