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Motherboard & Bluetooth questions from a newbie.

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  • Motherboard & Bluetooth questions from a newbie.

    Hi all,
    a couple of newbie questions, i have never attempted to do anything like this, i am a complete novice so bear with me. I am planning to build a carputer into my mkiv supra, i have the touch screen which i will be able to tell you more about when it arrives, i have also purchased an M1 ATX PSU which i will use but i am having a bit of trouble finding an appropriate mobo. So far i have come across an "VIA EPIA MII10000 C3 Nehemiah CLE266 Mini ITX Mainboard".
    Question 1, is this any good & can i use a standard 40GB IDE HDD, and standard DDR memory or do i need a special type for this kind of mobo?

    Question 2, i have downloaded the Roadrunner interface, is there any way that i can use this as my hands free through the bluetooth on the pc and my mobile phone?
    if not is there any way to use the bluetooth as hands free with my mobile?

    Sorry for all the questions straight from the word go but the quicker i get it in, the quicker i can post up the pictures for you all to see.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    1. Yes, it'll work. Most people like to use laptop drives becasue of their shock rating. Desktop drives don't use that much wattage, but the heads cant be banged around pretty good and lock up.
    2. I think its easy enough to extend your arm and you the touchscreen instead of fumbling with a cell phone. try getting a mic and using voice commands.


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      Thanks for the answer but i think the second question was mis-understood (or not explained by me properly), i mean for the computer to connect with the cell through a bluetooth connection then use the touch screen to answer/make the call. I can't see any way of setting this up.

      Thanks again.


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        search for phone control (by zorro I believe) that is designed to do what you want with the phone.