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  • VW Bus installation

    "I have a dream..."

    Hi guys!

    I'm building / restoring a VW Splitscreen bus and hence have a pretty blank canvas to start from. I'm hoping someone can give me a list of subjects to research concerning how I might design a system. At the moment, I'm not really sure even what to begin searching for... I have been toying with the idea of a built in computer in the bus for daily entertainment and also whilst travelling. Obviously, there is a fair amount of space and I'd be able to install a full size computer in the cabinets I'm making under the rear seats.

    I've got so far in my plans -

    A front screen mounted in the dash, rising vertically out, for the driver to control music from the computer hard drive and GPS functions. A secondary small screen in the rear allowing much the same and DVD controls to play movies on a third, stowed 17 / 19" screen. This screen will be mounted in the bulkhead behing the driver and rise up vertically also. The computer will be windows based - MCE any good for this set up?

    My questions are:
    Is it possible to have a custom GUI on the two small screens to simplify the whole set up for touchscreens? I imagine operationg windows via a 7" touchscreen could be less than a barrel of laughs. And how would this integrate with being able to use Windows on the main screen via a regular wireless keyboard and mouse? How about independent operation? I.e. the driver listening to music whilst the pax watch a movie. Is that possible via one system, or would it be easier to build two smaller system connected on a network to share files?

    Would I need a head unit? I'm designing a dash from scratch using brushed aluminium and Apex switches for the car functions. I'd like to integrate a slot drive with the basic stereo functions built into the dash for playing CDs and the touchscreen for GPS and accessing mp3 files stored on the hard drive.

    I'm basically only looking for music and GPS for the driver; music and movies for the rear pax; and the computer functions for wireless internet and email, photo storing and editing whilst travelling.

    The mechanical stuff is no problem, but electronics was not my favourite and I did as little of it as possible during my mech eng degree. I have an ace in the hole in the form of my bro who designs systems as a living - although as yet I've not informed him that he's going to be helping me out as I wanted to at least find out what it'll involve first...!

    Any directions of where to start would help.

    Enjoying the forum, even though most of it is going over my head at the moment!

    Split Pilot

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    check this out
    2007 Honda Fit Sport 1.5L SOHC-VTEC


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      Thanks for the link - any ideas on where to go for the other stuff?

      Thanks for the link - that's a pretty interesting setup and a nice 11 window, although I'm not much into stock camper interiors!

      I've researched the inverter / leisure battery setup already and hope someone can give me some pointers on the rest of the carputer stuff. I'm most interested in GUIs etc and how they interface with the main computer OS. What are the best search terms? I'm researching the Front End section of the Software forum at the moment.

      Is a Mac install harder / more restrictive than a Windows install? I guess the Windows kit is significantly cheaper.

      Thanks guys