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Please help me in my decision making!

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  • Please help me in my decision making!

    Hi everybody,

    Im a long time reader on this forum and I rarely post. I've done a lot of research but I cannot come to a conclusion

    I want to start my Carputer and I want to do it step by step. For my first step I want to upgrade my headunit and add an In dash tv. Touchscreen at this point ins't really necessary for what I want to be doing. If any of you have experience with the products I have listed, please give me some feedback.

    What I want to start
    -In dash (single-din) monitor with extra inputs for future upgrades
    -DVD playback
    -MP3 playback

    What I don't want
    -something that will break in a year or two
    -Bad screen quality/glare

    -WANT to pay around $500-$800

    What Im thinking is I should probably go with an all in one unit to save money/time, here is a list of products I can afford. Help me rule some out

    -Blaupunkt Chicago IVDM-7002 - (discontinued?)

    -ALPINE IVA-D310 - (little pricey)

    -Jensen VM9510(TS) -(quality brand name?)

    -Pioneer AVIC-N2 (also pricey)

    -Kenwood KVT-717

    -Sony XAV-A1

    -Panasonic CQ-VAD9200U

    -Clarion VRX755VD

    I've done more searching on car audio forums archives and this sites archives than I can physically handle. I've also done as much review reading as I can take. Please help a performance guy learn about car audio. Im trying to keep this forum clean and tried to answer my question myself to the best of my ability.



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      Get the discontinued Blaupunkt model. It's likely to be cheaper. Also, if it fails while under warranty, they'll likely replace it with a current, comparable model.

      Seriously, while there are some members here that are very knowledgable about car audio components, the focus of these forums is installing computers into vehicles. You're better off getting opinions about specific car audio components on a forum that's devoted to that, rather than this one.

      I'm not saying 'go away' or anything. Only that there are probably better sources for the information you seek.

      Good luck.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I went with a jensen headunit, cheap and has AUX input which is what you would need. I wouldnt go with a super fancy head unit expecially since all you'll be using it for is possibly radio and the AUX. The computer can pretty much handle everything else. Your basically paying good money for an LCD and a PC.
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