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Wake on lan, connect a switch?

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  • Wake on lan, connect a switch?

    First off all, I have searched, and my english is not good.

    I want to use my laptop as a carputer, but the on/off button is the same place as the keyboard, and I don't want to open up the screen each time I want to turn it on. The laptop is pretty new, so I don't want to open it up, and add some extra switch to the on/off-button.

    The laptop has modem and lan, but the only startup feature is "Boot on lan", but as far as I know, this only work with some "magic packets" from another computer.

    Is it possible to simulate this signal from something?
    I have read that is possible to shortcut some of the lan-wires, but that doesn't seem logical.

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    yeah i believe you'll find it in the hardware development section. google


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      Or, you can do what I did.

      How much do you care about the laptop not being usable as a laptop anymore?

      What I did on my laptop is, I removed the screen all together. Check my install link in my sig for pictures.


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        Use docking station and modify the power switch on the docking station.
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          Originally posted by awt
          Is it possible to simulate this signal from something?
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