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Mitsubishi Outlander 2003 Project

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  • Mitsubishi Outlander 2003 Project

    HI everyone first of all I have to thanks the every single one that helps in one way or another. I have a Outlander 2003 and I have been searching for information about installing a PC on my SUV my budgyet is aprox from $750 - $900 I will like some advice from everyone that could help me out here.

    Hardware should at least have:
    In dash motorized touchscreen ( I don't want to get many attention from possible tiefs)

    PC runing at least 500mb ram , 1.8ghz to 3ghz CPU, 200 GB HD

    Have a DVD player on Dash ( see picture of actual dash it has 2 bays availables)
    It could be a DVDRW in case I need to backup any data.
    Could it be posible to have the DVDRW a multimedia card reader and some usb ports on the same bay?

    So I run a personal bussiness that I have to email and contact clients every single day. Im planning to use my CellPDA phone as modem to get internet on the road , this way I can send contracts or emails to clients. I will like to have Bluethoot ,WIFI, GPS. I have read the The FAQ Emporium and I understand most of the things I just want recomendations.
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    have you done it already?


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      theddy - I don't think he's completed it....

      angelito46 - why do you have such a high powered processor requirement for a carpc?

      powering that is going to be a problem, let alone the heat generated by it.

      there's no need for a processor that fast unless you go core duo or core 2 which point you're lower power and lower heat generation but at a much higher cost.

      for the basics of what you want to do, a via board should be fine and can be found cheap and within your budget.

      I'd also suggest that you check out the store here on the site to get ideas on products that have been shown to work well in the car as a carpc.
      Jan Bennett
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