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    Hey guys i only just signed up on this site and not sure how it works but hey i'll have a go at it.
    I am a computer technician, but i have little knowledge about cars and how the electronics side works, i have just got an nissan nx coupe and im looking to put a computer in it. Its not really my type of car, but hey i got it as a gift and im not going to turn down a free car.

    This is what i am thinking of putting in the car:
    An 8" touchscreen lcd montior with 2x inputs for xbox etc. and 1x vga input for comuter.

    am intel p3 or p4 (depending on the motherboards i can get) 2-2.4 ghz computer with 512 ram and xp pro or media center o.s. new sound card and onbard graphics card(i know this slows down the computer but im not going to spend money on something thats going into a 8 inch screen).

    all of this will be (hopefully) going in a 2ru case which will then go in a 2ry travel case, which will allow the case to stay cooler, and be able to slide out of the travel case on rails(please let me know if this is abit of overkill) this will be running off a 300w inverter with 1000w surge capacity.

    The thing is, being a little coupe, i want the screen obviously in the front end, with it easilly being able to touch from drivers seat (this screen origionally comes on a stand just like a normal lcd monitor) this will be plugged into the cigarette lighter.

    there are a few things i would like you guys to help me out with, and dont bother saying that putting 2.4ghz with 512 ram is overkill, because i will be syncing it with my computer wirelessly and i will be running my business in my car when in it.

    How can i cable this so it's not in the way, but so i dont have to run 5000000000meters if cable to get from point a to point b.

    Where should i mount the computer?

    where should i mount the screen?

    Should i have 2 batteries?

    can anyone recommend an auto switch off/on program/hardware device.

    Has anyone used media centre in a car? i really would like to try it but i couldnt be bothered re-building if it isnt what i am looking for.

    and have i missed anything?

    also if anyone is doing the same as me, i can get almost cost price parts because of my occupation, so feel free to ask me to get a quote on anything.
    carputer: p4 3ghz, windows xp pro,abit ic7g motherboard 200gig seagate sata hdd, floppy, dvd r/rw+_-, 8inch touchscreen,

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    Originally posted by parksie2230
    and have i missed anything?
    apparently the entire FAQ section. Everything and more is covered here. Check it first and then come back with updated questions
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