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Tvisto as a basic car computer

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  • Tvisto as a basic car computer

    Okay, I am not looking for GPS funciton but simple mp3, dvd playback and output to a lilliput monitor. I came across this and was wondering everyone's thoughts.

    Also do you think it would be possible to configure it to receive input from a touchscreen? Can anyone tell the difference, besides size, of the Tvisto and Tvisto lite.

    Thank you.

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    would do for all media vids mp3s and pics
    not sure about ts tho
    play with it and see


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      It'll do VGA, but no touchscreen support. You'll have to use the remote. Still not bad for $170. You'll need to have a head unit with rca inputs aswell. The powersupply may or may not allow you to use a car adapter for laptops. Also, you have to add a hdd.
      This is comparible to a mini-ITX mobo in price.