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  • case advice needed

    Hi everyone,
    Newbie question here: I have a Opus sfx.1215 power supply and a VIA EPIA mother board, and I'm totally confused about what case to buy. Any advice? I guess I'd like to be able to fit a harddrive and dvd rom in it. Not sure what else. I guess I'd like a range of options in cases. I looked on Newegg etc., but I don't know how to tell if my Opus will fit. The dimensions are 100mm x 125mm x 63.5mm.

    Any advice GREATLY appreciated!


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    I built my case custom. I used my harddrive box as a template, because it was just large enough to fix my flex ATX mobo. I've found this ended up being a good size, it allows just enough room to not overhead, yet since its small and wooden, it heats up quickly for the HDD in the winter. I'd suggest fashioning something yourself.

    My only regrets were that I didnt design my trunk layout to accomidate its stilljust sitting out in the middle of nowhere, about the side of a shoebox.
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      A custom case is the way to go. You acn shape it to whatever space you've got.

      My case it nothing more than a peice of ply wood on a hinge that locks the computer up into the side of my trunk. Carpeted over with trunk carpet you don't even notice anything's there. Plus the computer isn't actually contained in a tight case so overheating isn't a problem even a little bit.

      It's all about finding the best fit for you. If you cvan find a case that fits whatever spot you have perfectly, go for it. If not, make one yourself. It's fun.
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        You can go the route of getting a mini-itx case, like those in the mp3car store, and having the psu outside the case. Another option would be to chop up a cheap case and riveting or welding it to a smaller size, or fashion one yourself. Took me 4 tries to be satisfied with my custom dealy.